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About Physiotherapy – Midlands Physio

Physiotherapy is a health field focused on the assessment, maintenance, and recuperation of physical function and operation of the body. When our bodies don’t operate at an optimal biomechanical level, it is inevitable that our body will become unbalanced which can cause pain and lessened performance.

Physiotherapy may be used as an adjunct to medical care and other|some other healthcare interventions, such as, when recovering from surgery.  Nevertheless, it is almost always utilized in isolation as the therapy of choice, especially for the treatment of injuries.  In instances when physiotherapy is utilized along with some other medical/allied health therapies, physiotherapy care will most likely offer longer lasting pain relief, in addition to faster recuperation from injury.

Physiotherapists thoroughly take into account the factors that give rise to the presenting issue for the patient. By addressing poor posture, muscle imbalances, poor work practices, or other bad habits, the Physiotherapist has the ability to tackle these problems and therefore treat the individual in a wholistic method.  This approach lessens the possibility of recurrence of the presenting complaint, and in addition reduces just about any decline of the situation.

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For further details, please see our Physiotherapy page, and to learn how Physiotherapy can assist your health and well-being, please phone us at Midlands Physio and Sports Injury Clinic on 01562 754380 or email (info@midlandsphysio.co.uk).

After working in the world of professional football, John decided to return to his Worcestershire roots to make available the treatments that were avai- lable to international football players, professional dancers amongst others, to the residents of Worcestershire, the County of his birth.

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