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Better Back Program

Better Back Program

The Better Back Program is for you if are looking to strengthen your back Muscle and ensure that your Core Strength & stability is the best it can be. This program is a structured rehabilitation program to help your core stability and your core muscles to strengthen and support your spine, preventing back pain and increasing your function in any sports or general activities. It’s a highly specialized course of treatment, which will functionally strengthen your core in a way that becomes more and more apparent, teaching you how to live your life with a strengthened core. You are guided through it in ONE-TO-ONE by our clinical staff, in guided sessions to ensure that you gain the maximum from the program. This can help disc problems, degeneration, stiff and painful pack and referred back pain.

What Is the Better Back Program?

It is specifically designed for back pain sufferers who need a highly structured, individual, and research-based program to regain mobility, strength, core stability and general fitness.

Better Back Program Kidderminster

Who would benefit from the program?

  • Back pain sufferers in need of increased core stability and strength to regain function.
  • People with back pain that is affecting their quality of life and activity level.
  • Worker’s compensation claimants who have reached a plateau with hands on therapy and management.
  • Patients who are sick of trying different therapists and want to take charge of their back pain.
  • People who have had orthopaedic surgery for lumbar spine problems and need more active intervention.
  • Post natal women needing to regain core stability and strength.
  • Back Pain sufferers needing to lose weight and improve fitness to reduce blood pressure, depression and fatigue.

What is involved in the Better Back Program…?

This comprehensive program involves a detailed 1 hour initial assessment followed by the implementation of a structured exercise and rehabilitation program. The program is broken into 4 distinct stages:

  1. Alignment / CV Fitness: flexibility, range of motion and general fitness.
  2. Inner Unit / CV Fitness: inner core muscle control and general fitness.
  3. Outer Unit / CV Fitness: larger muscle groups, more advanced exercises and more specific fitness.
  4. Maintenance / Athletic: more advanced program to allow return to sport and work situations.
What Is the Better Back Program
Kidderminster Better Back Program

What will happen at a typical sessions…?

A typical consultation session will involve 30 minutes of specific one-on-one supervision by the therapist followed by 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.

Your Commitment:

The program involves a commitment from you to attend sessions 2-3 times each week for a minimum of 4 weeks, and be prepared to contribute to your recovery, whilst being supported and guided every step of the way.

No Lock-in Contracts!

There are no lock in contracts so you can suspend the program at any time should you be going on holidays or are unable to attend for a short period – a home exercise program will be given to ensure continued success.

We do not deliberately have a set length of time because we need to achieve certain objectives at each session, so if we over run slightly, it is important that we hit those goals to get the improvements you require.

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