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Knee Pain

Is your Knee causing you problems that affect different aspects of your life? Pain walking or running, or even just going up & down the stairs?

Knee Injuries

At Midlands Physiotherapy, we see many people who have injured their knees, whether that be a ligament, meniscus, or sporting injury, or you are awaiting knee surgery including joint replacement.

We are adept dealing with these injuries, working out the cause, strengthening the joint appropriately, and returning that knee to a state where you can participate in the activities that you love.

Knee Pain Kidderminster

Anterior Knee Pain Kidderminster

Midlands Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic operated by Physiotherapist John Pryce proudly services the Kidderminster, Stourport, Bewdley, Halesowen, Droitwich Spa, Cleobury Mortimer, Worcester and Bridgnorth communities.

Anterior Knee pain (pain at the front of the knee) is one of the most common conditions we see in our clinic in Kidderminster and the surrounding areas of Stourbridge, Halesowen, Bridgnorth, Hagley, Blakedown, Worcester, Droitwich, and Bromsgrove. It is commonly caused by increased wearing and inflammation behind  the knee cap.  It is easy for people with knee pain to become de-motivated due to the limitations of painful exercise and its impact on daily activities, but picking up on early warning signs is even easier if you know what to look for.


Foot Alignment Increased pronation (turning in of the foot) at the ankle causes an internal rotation of the shin and knee.  Shifting the position of the femoral groove, which can cause mal-tracking of the patella. An assessment of foot position can accurately assess this risk factor.

Q – angle.  This is the angle between the front of the hip, centre of the knee joint and tibial tuberosity (point at the top of the shin bone).  Greater Q-angle causes increased pull of the lateral structures of the patella and increased force on the knee joints on impact activities. This increases the load in the knee, and pulls it outwards during exercise.

Knee Pain Treatment Kidderminster
Anterior Knee Pain Kidderminster

Poor hip control.  Hip tilt during single leg stance can be related to decreased control in the gluteal muscles.  The positioning of the hip in weight-bearing creates more inward pressure on the knee and increases tensioning in the lateral structures.  Specific strengthening is needed to correct this deficiency.

By eliminating these risk factors of injuries, we can help you to prevent recurrence of knee pain in addition to other associated leg injuries.  For more information on these risk factors come and see us at Midlands physiotherapy where we can really get the cause of your knees pain. 

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