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Headache Kidderminster: Consult Your Local Physiotherapist For Professional Care

Headaches are one of the most common and debilitating types of pain that our kidderminster physios see. Over 90% of people have suffered from at least one headache in the past year, and the prevalence of chronic headaches is surprisingly high. Tension headaches affect more than two thirds of men and up to 80% of women. Every year, 17% of women and 7% of men will experience at least one migraine headache. One in 20 adults suffers from a headache daily or almost daily.

Headaches can be caused by serious health issues like vascular diseases and cancer, and those should be eliminated as possible causes before treatment begins. However, most headaches don’t result from a serious heath condition. Most headaches, especially chronic headaches and migraines, are not dangerous except to the sufferer’s quality of life and productivity. Chronic headaches make it difficult to function both socially and at work, and they can affect family relationships as well.

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For further information see our headache page, or to address your headache and return to your full health, simply call us at Midlands Physio and Sports Injury Clinic on 01562 754380 or email ( and organise an appointment.

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