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Sports Physiotherapy in Kidderminster

Are you a person that likes to do sport at either professional or as an amateur, but you have got a pain or injury which is restricting you to not perform to the best of your ability? Have you had a niggly injury that just doesn’t go away? You should get the advice of a Sports Physiotherapist.

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Midlands Physio and Sports Injury Clinic operated by Physiotherapist John Pryce proudly services the Kidderminster, Stourport, Bewdley, Stourbridge, Droitwich Spa, Cleobury Mortimer, Worcester and Bridgnorth communities.

What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised division of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues experienced by sports people. You must understand that sports injuries do differ from day-to-day injuries.  Sports people usually demand active performance, and the demands put on their body stress their muscles, joints and bones to the maximum.  Sports physiotherapists support athletes to recover from sporting injuries, and provide knowledge and resources to help avoid recurrence of problems.
Sports Physiotherapy Kidderminster
Sports Physiotherapy in Kidderminster

Each sports physiotherapist would possess sport specific knowledge which addresses severe, chronic and overuse injuries sustained in sports for example football, soccer, cricket, hockey and basketball.  It is for this reason that it is necessary to meet with a sports physiotherapist that knows the complicated nature of your specific sport.

Sports Physiotherapists possess comprehensive knowledge of the newest evidence-based practice, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, and are knowledgeable in the use of effective ‘hands-on’ treatment techniques and exercise protocols to aid recovery as well as stop injury.

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