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Running Injuries KidderminsterMidlands Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic operated by Physiotherapist John Pryce proudly services the Kidderminster, Stourport, Bewdley, Halesowen, Droitwich Spa, Cleobury Mortimer, Worcester and Bridgnorth communities.


One of the largest causes of injuries that we see at Midlands Physiotherapy are running injuries. These injuries are on the rise in our clinic is more & more people lace up their shoes and ramp up their training efforts.

However, many of these injuries can be avoided through more careful preparation, planning an adjustment to causative factors.

Some of the common injuries we see are:-

  • Shin splints (tibial stress syndrome).
  • Runners knee or ITB friction syndrome.
  • Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
  • Achilles tendinosis
  • Patellofemoral pain

Any of these sports injuries can spell doom for a successful running season or a delay in your current fitness program.  Advanced injuries which have been left too long, prior to seeking treatment often take prolonged periods of time to recover.

To help prevent these injuries, there are a number of intrinsic (within the athlete) and extrinsic (external to the athlete) factors that need to be addressed.

Intrinsic factors.

Muscle length.

To attain ideal running gait, it is essential that all muscles in the lower limb kinetic chain possess the necessary range of movement.  Tightness or restriction in the muscles can lead to an alteration in the biomechanics of the limb creating damaging stress patterns through the muscles and bones.

One of the largest concerns, tightness of the calf and the ITB, (Illio tibial band) is easily assessed by the experience physiotherapist Midlands physiotherapy.  By knowing whether your muscles are too tight and are therefore susceptible to injury you have a better chance of staying injury free.

Lumbo – pelvic control/core strength.

The core forms the foundation from which the limbs attach and provide propulsion deficiencies in full strength create unbalanced, transfer loads through the lower limbs and can cause injuries into the lower back and upper body.

This can be a common factor in patients with recurrent groin or hamstring strain as these muscles are forced to supplement the insufficient lumbar – pelvic control of all muscles.

Our experienced team physiotherapist with a wide variety of experience in a number of different sports will be able to assess any intrinsic factors which may affect your physical activities.

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After working in the world of professional football, John decided to return to his Worcestershire roots to make available the treatments that were avai- lable to international football players, professional dancers amongst others, to the residents of Worcestershire, the County of his birth.

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